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Kylie Francis is a self taught social media macro influencer, online business educator, and digital marketing entrepreneur.

Her journey started 9 years ago when she was on her universities NCAA D1 swim team winter training trip in Jupiter, Florida. Instead of napping during a break between triple swim practices, her teammates encouraged her to join a website called Pinterest because of how easy & fun the platform was to navigate. With a little bit of hesitation at first, she caved, and became fiercely addicted in learning the ins and outs of what it takes to grow a stand out, profitable presence online. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and a Olympic Trials swimming career gave Kylie an innate competitive drive and unmatched curiosity to learn, which ultimately gave her the keys to become a pioneer of Pinterest search, social, & affiliate marketing that led her to discover organic passive sales funnels, which allows her to accrue a passive (yes, while she's sleeping) six figure mark and grow an online audience of 190,000 and counting across all of her social media platforms.

For the past 9 years, Kylie has strategically grown her influence organically by mastering search engine social media marketing. Now, her passion lies in growing her marketing agency that specializes in consulting ambitious CEO's, corporations, & entrepreneurs on how to strategically grow, showcase, and scale their business online so they can capitalize & explode their business on the most popular social media platforms.

Kylie's Post to Profit™ digital courses, corporate trainings, and seminars educate the ambitious. It doesnt matter if you are a CEO, a multimillion dollar corporation, a budding small business, or a solo entrepreneur, growing on social media encapsulates the same theory: showing up authentically and consistently to build an everlasting brand that stands out amongst the noise. Her trainings are led with her trademarked keys to social media success: Vulnerability, Visibility, and Value™, which is one pillar out of four that she abides by to see exponential, profitable, and lasting growth on social media: online sales funnels, her own VVV™ mindset & branding, consumer sales psychology, and search engine marketing.

When Kylie isn't growing her digital empire, she enjoys living a well rounded life, including: prioritizing health and fitness (water polo, surfing and swimming are her go-to's!), traveling the world creating memories with her GoPro (her goal is to #handstandaroundtheworld, @kylie_francis on insta!), and inspiring others to live their dream and take a chance on pursuing their purpose.

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