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Hey friend! It's so nice to meet you!

My name is Kylie Francis,
and I'm an 8th year, self taught, social media macro influencer, global social media marketing educational speaker, and six figure digital entrepreneur.
My passion lies in teaching other ambitious entrepreneurs how they can grow their impact, influence, and income online, aka: their own profitable online legacy, using smart passive marketing. Smart passive marketing is social media combined with search engine marketing; the exact way I grew my following to 139,000 and counting online along with a six figure passive income empire.


Now, that might sound like a rainbows and butterflies with a cherry on top introduction..

But trust me, I didn't just snap my fingers one day and come about the massive success you are seeing me live in right now ..

This is only the 30 second elevator pitch ..

the highlight reel if you will ..

Honestly, I didn't even think any of my successes that I'm currently living in, was even a "thing" or a possibility when I first started my journey eight years ago .. 

Real talk - when I started "influencing" .. I didn't even KNOW I was an influencer OR going to be "called" an influencer.. 

I started my journey back in 2011 ..

That means, Instagram wasn't a thing ..

The term "influencer" did not exist.

It's not something someone hopped on a train and aspired to be ..

I also didn't know that the journey I'd start to embark on, was going to be the exact platform I'd use to help change thousands of entrepreneurs lives, helping them change their stories from struggles to successes ..

But, what I did know, was that my utmost soul fulfilling passion was to help other people reach their true potential, to help others become their best, happiest, most successful self ..

I knew that somehow, in someway, that was how I wanted to be remembered, and how I wanted to leave my mark on this world ..

I wanted to be known as the person that cared the most, helped the most, and overdelivered the most to help others succeed .. 

But, how would that even look?

In what ways would I help others?

How would I even go about doing this?

Does that even pay the bills?

.. Those were the questions I asked myself in the previous decade ..

It wasn't until I fully embraced my vulnerability and my strengths that I once thought were "normal" to everyone else to take the unpaved path on which I found my calling and led to my current success ..

Taking that path was the exact moment when I just knew,

even with the ups and downs and confusion in between, 

that this was exactly what I was meant for ..

This was exactly what I was born to do ..

But like I said, my life wasn't always like this ..

Let me take you back to 2011, where my journey unknowingly all began ..

Growing up and throughout college, I was an elite, Olympic Trials level, competitive swimmer, participating at the NCAA Division 1 competition level for my universities swim team.

Swimming wasn't just a part of my life, it was my life.

Since I was six years old, my life consisted of either being at school, doing homework, swimming, eating, or sleeping. 

Because when you're an elite, year round, competitive swimmer, you really do live in the pool, and you really don't have much time to do anything else (and even if you did, you're too tired to do it anyways).

Think: double practices on holidays (like Christmas Eve and Halloween), no high school parties, no spring breaks or senior weeks.

Why? Because I had to practice.

I didn't mind though, because I loved swimming. I was (and still am) competitive, a hard worker, and an overachiever.

I had varsity records left and right, and my non swimmer friends would always joke around and call me Michael Phelps (#LOL, P.S., I wasn't even close to being at his level, but I guess I'll take the compliment!).

And when I got to college, the intensity and pressure doubled.

Swimming officially became my full time job.

Like, there was no chance of having the time to have a real job, or have the time to be in a sorority.

My job was to attend double swim practices daily, while also attending biweekly weight room sessions.

And on the weekends, we would travel to swim meets across the USA, and they lasted either all weekend or weeks at a time ..

On top of all this, I was also double majoring in apparel merchandising and business, maintaining a high honors GPA and accruing accolades for my GPA and student athlete endeavors ..

You can call me an overachiever, but it's just in my blood.

I won't stop short of any type of success that I see possible.

And I always overdeliver for myself and others to make sure the odds are always stacked in my favor ..

Over the Christmas holiday back in 2011, during my junior year of college, I ventured down to Jupiter Florida, just north of Palm Beach, with a bunch of my friends to party all day long to escape the cold winters of North Carolina ..

Hehe, juuuuuust kidding. I wish ..

I was about to embark on hell week with my teammates ..

Hell week = my swim team training trip. 

My team traveled to Florida every single winter break for a highly intense training trip, otherwise known as "hell week".

One could only wish that winter "break" training trip consisted of lounging by the beach, sipping on cocktails, and enjoying the sunshine. 

I mean, we enjoyed the sunshine while we practiced three times a day, napped on the beach if we had a chance in between those practices, and our cocktails were protein shakes ..

Kinda the same, right?

Like I said, training trip consisted of triple swim practices, dry land sessions, eating alllll the things our eyes came to sight with, and sleeping, lotssss of sleeping.

Training trip was just like our weekly training, but on steroids.

This week was MORE work than what we do throughout the entire year, mainly because of the sheer fact we didn't have classes to attend or homework to do.

When you hear the word "break" as a swimmer, that's actually the last thing that comes to mind. And when you're working out 24/7, there is absolutely zero time to do anything else, besides nap, if you actually can fit one in ..

Go to Florida, just to practice? Yep, that's training trip.

So on the third day of training trip, instead of napping during a 3 hour break between the second and third swim practice of the day, one of my teammates showed me a new website called "Pinterest" ..

My teammates were quite literally raving about Pinterest, because they could save and share all of their favorite products or ideas in seconds, buying things left and right with just one click of a pin ..

It was addicting, just like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter were at the time ..

Of course, they encouraged me to start an account.

"Seriously? Umm, no .." .. I said ..

(The last thing I had the time for, was another social network or another thing to maintain on my plate)

"It's sooo much fun!" raved my best friend ..

"Join just so I have another follower!" raved my other teammate ..

"Ughhhhhh." I said ..

With a lot of hesitation at first for not needing "another social media website"..

I eventually caved in.

I mean, who was I kidding?

When they showed me how fun and easy it was to search for, save, and share ideas,

I was addicted, fast.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was studying apparel merchandising and business in college, aka the business side of fashion.

I always wanted to be a fashion designer in New York City, but growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I was encouraged to learn the business before fashion design.

And studying business instead of fashion design also allowed me to continue to pursue my dream of swimming in college at an elite level ..

I always had an eye for fashion, design, and art. It's one of my favorite hobbies!

So naturally, I decided that my Pinterest would become my go-to place to start saving fashion ideas to curate my style and what I found around the Internet that I loved ..

But, soon after I started doing this,

I quickly realized that, no one else was doing this.

*Cue the "am I weird or what's going on" doubts racing through my mind*

Like, I really wondered, why is no one else doing this?!

At the time, Pinterest was still very much focused on recipes, destinations, and wedding ideas.

There were fashion pins here and there, but not in the way I was curating them.

I wanted to create a Pinterest page that highlighted my favorite fashionable looks to save as inspiration for myself and to inspire others with outfit ideas, even thought this niche was non-existent ..

I've also always have been the type of person to love breaking the mold.

I really do hate what is "trendy" or "popular" if it doesn't fit my vibe.

I do not like something just because other people like it ..

I love to pave my own way, be unique, and really not care about what others think about me, either ..

So, I did exactly that.

I started pinning outfit ideas onto Pinterest.

Remember, I was only using Pinterest for fun.

I loved re-pinning my favorite ideas and uploading my own content many times throughout the day.

I was probably pinning around 50-100+ images a day .. like I said, I was obsessed.

All I thought about was making my Pinterest the go-to fashion destination.

It was my sacred pea sized place on the Internet I could show off my ideas, and get credit for it too.

Now, that sounds like a total time waster if you were to try to post 50-100 times a day  on Instagram, but re-pinning about 100 images probably only took 15 minutes to do.

And because I started to pin what I was quite literally obsessed with ..

Guess what happened next?

I became obsessed with Pinterest.

Obsessed actually might be an understatement.

Pinterest was just too easy to update, too easy to share ideas, and too easy to get noticed online.

Even though I had no time, this was actually the ideal platform for me, because re-pinning others content, or pinning my own, only takes 1 second, no exaggeration.

It's just a click of a button to pin or re-pin, and my content is shared to my profile!

So, for a couple of months I was curating my own content daily and consistently, while engaging with others on the platform ..

And then something crazy started to happen ..

My Pinterest, literally started to blow up.

My pins, were getting re-pinned by accounts that had a lot more following than I did.

My pins, on the daily, were going viral. 

I thought maybe this was just an ole glitch in the system,

or maybe I just got lucky ..

I quickly realized this wasn't the case, because this started to happen almost every time that I posted on Pinterest ..

The weird thing, was that I didn't have many followers to get this much attention.

It almost didn't make any type of sense ..

I was getting thousands of re-pins, but I barely had a thousand followers ..

I didn't even have my own website.

I quite literally owned nothing.

This was the exact moment I realized that it didn't even matter how many followers I had on Pinterest.

I could literally have zero followers and still get attention ..


Because Pinterest is a search engine. 

Each picture you post, a pin, has a keyword description, and a link.

People who want to see your content, are actively searching for it, 24/7, round the clock.

And your content doesn't die in the algorithm either, because it's on a search engine.

Pinterest pins are like free Facebook ads that live forever and you don't have to pay for.

They also show up on the Google search engine. #SayWhat.

So, I realized that if people could search for my content, that's all it literally took to have my content go viral.

I mean, lets be real for a hot second, your content also has to be valuable and amazing too.

You can't post something and just expect go viral, because the search engine follows a logical 1+1=2 type of system. This isn't Instagram.

Meaning this, if you add 1+1 you are more than likely guaranteed to get 2.

(I teach my exact Post to Profit Pinterest system, from A-Z, that you can implement easily, too. You can check it out here).

And like I said before, since Pinterest is a search engine, your results show up on Google as well.

My results are usually #1 out of MILLIONS on the Google search engine, which is how they easily get reposted on other social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

And they are highly likely to be seen on the first page of Google,

because your content is constantly getting re-pinned or clicked on with Pinterest working its wonders on autopilot ..

More clicks on your links = the higher your website goes on a search engine.

Pinterest is really the secret weapon of this decade ..

So, now that my pins are going viral.

And getting thousands of clicks and re-pins ..

And showing up as the #1 result on the first page of Google .. 

I had another epiphany ..

I was like .. wait .. hold the phone for a second ..

Why DON'T I have a website?!


That seemed like such an untouchable thing. 

Making money on the Internet? Little ole broke me? No way.. Maybe ..

What if I could make money off of my Pinterest pins going viral?

What if I could re-direct my pins to my own website?

What if I could actually be a somebody? Where people knew my face to my name?

So, being the overachiever that I am, I got to work.

I created a Tumblr, a free blogging platform, to start curating my own fashion ideas on Tumblr, along with my own quotes, so I could start directing people to my own website.

I thought, if my pins are consistently going viral, and I'm sending this much traffic to other people's websites, why can't I send them to mine?

I was actually mad at myself for a bit for not thinking of this earlier ..  

And after that, I quite literally googled, on a Tuesday night, while doing my homework ..

"How do bloggers make money?" from my dorm room bed ..

And there are millions of ways that you can make money from a blog or a website.

But one struck me like a lightning bolt,

and that was affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process where you get paid per click by sending your traffic to other retailers websites, and get commission per purchase of the product, if it sells.

YUP, sign me up for that! 

My viral fashion pins with billions of clicks, to retailers websites?

Check & check.

Lets do this!!

So I signed up with my affiliate company, 

And I did a test.

I linked just one affiliate link to a pin on that Tuesday night, and I went to sleep.

I tried not to get my hopes up ..

I really didn't think anything was going to happen ..

Making money on the Internet as a broke college student who literally had no time on her hands?

That was my DREAM.

Anyways, I went to sleep, and then that brisk Wednesday morning, at 5:45AM, before I had to leave to jump in a freezing cold pool at 6AM for my morning swim practice ..

I checked my affiliate website for commissions ..

And guess what happened?




You literally would have thought by my reaction that I won the lottery ..

I wish to this day that I could have recorded my reaction .. 

It's a moment in my life I will never forget.

Now you're probably thinking,

"Kylie, it's just 50 cents, take a chill pill lol .."

But what you need to understand is this ..

I literally just SLEPT for this money ..

I did nothing, besides sleep, to make money ..

And, that was just my test. 

I only did that with ONE pin.

Remember when I said I was pinning up to 100 pins a day?

Every single day of my life?

And that my pins go viral over time, with thousands upon thousands of clicks, because this is a search engine?

And that my pins never die over time, they just get more popular?

This, is what I thought of.

And this, is what I've been doing for the last 8 years and counting ..

I started linking almost every pin to an affiliate website or my new Tumblr website with my social media handles attached to my quotes and content ..

And it wasn't long until I started banking 4-5 figure passive income months, along with a booming influence, just from using my Pinterest system for 15-30 minutes a day ..

This money was literally ONLY from Pinterest ..

And I was making it while I was away from my computer ..

As my following continued to grow ..

So did my re-pins, my influence, and my passive income ..

So did my brand recognition, because I was crediting myself for my own content ..

And so did my online business, when I finally stepped into my power, to start teaching ambitious entrepreneurs how to grow their social media following by using logical strategy to grow their influence through search engines ..

And, so did my empire.

That's when my legacy was born.

My teachings, digital courses, and corporate seminars are focused on posting for profits, not posting just to get a couple more likes or a couple more followers (even though that happens, too).

This is what I don't believe in: buying robots, buying fake likes & followers, automation, faking it til you make it, instant gratification, BS tactics that others told you "works" but don't build your brands legacy..

This is what I believe in: Organic growth. Posting for Profits, Strategy & game plans. SEO. Reverse engineering what works. Systems that monetize. Algorithms that work for me, not against me. & Making it all so simple for you to grasp and understand.

Because unlike a lot of others out there, I actually understand how to build a business around a social media presence, and my experience shows just that.

My zone of genius is helping ambitious entrepreneurs, just like you, create a profitable online business through social media that catapults their way to the top of the food chain as an industry leading expert, just like you were born to be, and just like you were born to do.

I geek out over search engine social media networks (almost more than iced coffee, puppies, and fish tacos) and I obsess over passive marketing strategies that lead to less time on your phone, but more positive, valuable impact on the world.

Yes, there IS an easier way to grow your following online, on autopilot, and with so much ease, without having your face submerged in your phone all day.

You probably haven't heard of smart passive marketing yet, because quite frankly, 99% of digital marketing agencies or social media coaches have no idea what they are even doing. Some got lucky. Some went viral. Some bought their followers and some faked it until they made it. Some have famous relatives. But guess what? Not us. We started from the bottom. And we're authentic, we're genuine, we have immense value to deliver to those who are waiting for us to show up, and we are going to work our way to the top to build a brand legacy that lasts for generations. No robots required, because I found out how to do this with ease, and I'm here to be your guide to show you the way.

If you're ready to grow a profitable influence & brand legacy online WITHOUT it taking forever & spending all day on your phone, then you're in luck, my friend.

Are you beyond ready to impact the world and be the leader you were born to be? Get started today with my 'Post to Profit' digital courses & get ahead of the 99% of people who are still wasting time pondering "when" their time will come.

Your time is now, and it's time to take action on your dreams.

I'll be right by your side (literally, in your private course Facebook group) cheering you on every step of the way..

To your utmost success,




For the last 8 years, Kylie has strategically grown her influence organically by mastering search engine social media marketing.

Kylie's innate competitive drive and unmatched curiosity to learn propelled her to become a pioneer of Pinterest marketing and passive income sales funnels, amassing a passive (yes, while she's sleeping) six figure income and 139,000 following (& rapidly growing) across all of her social media channels, all by using the Pinterest search engine strategically. 

Now, after seeing many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and budding influencers struggle to grow online and build a profitable influence, her purpose driven calling is to be their leader, and show them exactly how to start & grow their own legacy on social media. 

She's created her Post to Profit™ digital courses that educate entrepreneurs, bloggers, and budding influencers on how to not only authentically build a brand that stands out amongst the noise, but to build a legacy, one thats profitable and worth remembering.

Kylie's teachings are led with her trademarked keys to social media success - Vulnerability, Visibility, and Value™, which is one pillar out of the four she abides by to grow a profitable legacy using social media: online sales funnels, her own VVV™ mindset & branding, sales psychology, and search engine marketing. 

When Kylie's not growing her online empire, she enjoys living a well rounded life, including: prioritizing health and fitness (crossfit, water polo, and swimming are her go-to's!), traveling the world creating memories with her GoPro (her goal is to #handstandaroundtheworld, see her complete this at @kylie_francis), and inspiring ambitious entrepreneurs everyday to take a chance on pursuing their purpose.

Kylie goes LIVE every week inside her top rated social media marketing Facebook group for online entrepreneurs, the #VibeTribe! This is her favorite time and place to connect 1:1 with YOU to answer your social media marketing questions. Yes, these are your exact questions, answered! No fluff, just answers. No question is left behind.

Wanna join us? Gain access right here.


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