Hey there, friend. I have a question for you:

Are you looking for a social media platform for your business that brings you growth and profits WITHOUT having to spend all day on the platform slaving away to get your ideal clients attention?


A platform that brings you:

1️⃣New leads & sales while you're not actively posting on the platform,

2️⃣One that brings you targeted traffic to your website for free,

3️⃣A platform where your content becomes searchable on the  Google search engine
4️⃣A platform that grows your business and brand reputation,
5️⃣Grows your social media following,
6️⃣Automates profits for your business while your not actively posting,

🤯ALL for free?

Okay friend, mic drop time.

Here's a biiig secret that not a lot of entrepreneurs or business owners know or even understand..

😱 This platform, already exists.

And it's not one you'd probably ever think to use for your business.

Let me introduce you to your new secret social media marketing and passive profits weapon:

🔥 Pinterest 🔥

👏🏽Now before you click out of this page because you think Pinterest is only for women, recipes, and your favorite travel destinations ..

(which could not be further from the truth)

I have a question for you.

Do any of these statements below sound like the stress you're currently dealing with when it comes to growing your business on social media in 2020?


1️⃣You've been hustling like crazy on Instagram and Facebook to grow your business online, only to get minimal engagement and zero profits in return.  

2️⃣You're getting sick and tired of your content disappearing in the newsfeed faster than you can blink your eye, because it actually is. No one is seeing your content, no matter how great it is.  

3️⃣You're starting to think that organic social media growth is dead, so you have to start paying for ads (Which, isn't true. I'll prove that point wrong in a second. Keep reading ..).  

4️⃣You're not really sure how to find your ideal clients on social media, let alone know how to create content that attracts them. & If they can't search for you, they can't find you. Remember this for later .. 

5️⃣You don't really know how to get your social media followers to click on your website, mainly because you feel like you're being spammy using your link on every post, or your content doesn't allow you to even use a link.

6️⃣And if all this wasn't enough, now you're beginning to lose motivation to keep going. You're starting to think, "maybe this journey isn't for me .."

I'm here to let you know that it's an absolute tragedy that you would ever have to feel this way about social media marketing for your business. It NEVER has to be this hard.

So let's get straight to the facts.

Want to know a cold hard fact about your current situation?

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Meaning this, if you know that what you're currently doing on social media to grow your business is NOT working, its NOT because you, your content, or your business, is not "good enough."

PLEASE believe me on this.

Social media isn't working for your business because it's simply because the platforms you are prioritizing to grow your business on in 2020 are ones that USED to work in back in 2014. They do NOT work to your organic advantage anymore.


Because those platforms FAVOR the businesses that spend money on ads. & I'm not talking a couple dollars here and there. Like, MILLIONS of dollars a month.

& guess what? Your reach on those time sensitive platforms, is ONLY going to shrink from here on out.

So listen to me when I say, it's time to get off that hamster wheel, and do something DIFFERENT than what you've already been doing.

Because remember, nothing changes, if nothing changes.

I want you to imagine how it would feel to ..

 Have interested ideal clients buying your products and services at any given moment of the day, without being present on social media to get their attention. You no longer have to awkwardly cold message people in the DM's OR beg anyone to follow you in order for them to see your value & buy what you have to offer ..  


Never be judged about your level of business expertise based off of how many followers you have OR by what you look like, because your tribe follows you AND buys from you based off of the valuable content and expertise you provide for them, not for what you look like, how many followers you have, or for what designer bag or car you possess ..  


Dramatically grow your online influence 24/7, WITHOUT spending all day updating social media or spending money on advertising. You're able to reel in your tribe with ease through a search engine and grow a community that's excited about what you have to say and can't wait to come back for more. You sleep peacefully knowing your content shines YEARS after it's been posted, meaning you get to wake up to notifications of excited ideal clients wanting to learn more about you from content you posted years ago ..


 Authentically stand out above the noise, without having to become apart of the noise. You'll be seen as the go-to expert in your industry, and soon become the online leader. You'll fall asleep peacefully knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives, while waking up to emails asking if you'd like to be featured in top rated podcasts, international business magazines, speaking the keynote at conferences, and writing guest blog posts for world renowned blogs  ..


 Have extra time in your day because your social media marketing now runs 95% hands free. You now have the freedom to be with your loved ones, go shopping with your best friends, watch that Netflix show you've been dying to catch up on, because you know your business will continue to grow even in your absence. You'll have so much more time for living your life and building the business of your dreams  ..


Feel 1000% confident in your marketing strategy. You no longer second guess what you're doing, if it's going to work, or if it's worth your time. You know that what you're doing is strategic, efficient, and effective, because you followed an expert's footsteps, someone who's already been there and done that. You feel so free knowing you skipped all of the nonsense, worry, and all of the stress. Not only that, you're numbers continue to skyrocket, online and in your bank account, and you are finally living in the success story you've only once dreamed of ..

Hey friend,

here's what you need to know ..


You can achieve ALL of this dream like success for your business

just by knowing how to use the Pinterest search engine strategically.


I want to introduce you to my tried & true 

Pinterest success system:


'Post To Profit' Pinterest System

For Autopilot & Passive Growth in Influence, Impact, & Income 

I'm giving you my A-Z Pinterest Marketing Success blueprint that will dramatically skyrocket the growth of your business profits, social media influence, and passive income, fast.


I designed my system to be dummy proof, as it maps out the exact strategies (in bite sized, Netflix style trainings), that I use to this day, to catapult my business to six figures passively in profits and to become a sought out industry leading expert influencer to 165,000 followers and counting on the most popular social media platforms, all thanks to the power of Pinterest!

And guess what? It's not just me implementing my strategies and getting these kind of results .. 

Just have a look below at my students following my tried & true Post to Profit Pinterest system and attaining similar results FAST, and with so much ease  ..

1,000 people viewed Jess' content just TWO days after implementing my 'Post to Profit' Pinterest System!

(And she hadn't even completed the first module yet)

Compare this number to how many people view your Instagram page ..
Guarantee you that this result (that you could be having too) of real people, & targeted traffic, is about 100x that!

Meet Lynn

Lynn said that she saw results from the Post to Profit™ Pinterest System "literally instantly". Lynn started her profile from scratch, and in just TWO weeks, she started seeing increased unique monthly views, shooting up from nothing to 30,000 then to 400,000+. Lynn is now getting ready use the Post to Profit™ passive funnel strategy to grow her new podcast while she's sleeping, while she is simultaneously growing a stream of affiliate passive income by using the six figure strategies taught inside this course.


Lynn was just like you. But she took a chance on this course, and is now living in the results she only once dreamed of. Don't allow yourself to live in another day of struggle, frustration, and confusion.
You can get started on your success journey today..


Let me take you back to what my life was like BEFORE I discovered my Pinterest system

Nine years ago, I was an elite, NCAA D1 Olympic Trials level swimmer & a sophomore in college, double majoring in fashion merchandising & business. 


As you could guess, I was literally juggling all of the things as an elite student-athlete:

1. I had two swim practices a day, 5 days a week

2. I had travel swim meets that lasted all weekend, every single weekend 

3. And on top of that, I had hours of classes and homework to keep up with my double major and to maintain my high honors GPA.

Can you say #overachiever?


 And as you could guess, I had no free time,

Heck, I barely had time for a nap! 

And guess what else I didn't have?


 Unfortunately, working out and studying 24/7 was a job that didn't put money in the bank.


No extra time, no extra money, all work, no play.

That was my reality.


It's been a hot second, so let's take you back to 2011.


Ahhh, the land of Facebook and Tumblr. Instagram wasn't even a thing.


But .. there was one new "social network" increasing in popularity,

and at the time, was invite only.


Enter Pinterest.


I was invited to join by one of my best friends on my swim team's winter training trip in Jupiter, Florida.

(training trip = non stop swim practices during the Christmas holiday. I really wasn't kidding when I said I had no free time!).


My friends raved about Pinterest. With a little hesitation to join at first, I soon became fiercely addicted.


Pinterest was my favorite place to save "how to" tutorial blog posts or inspirational ideas, or save pins I could buy now or later, with just with a simple click of a Pinterest pin. Every Pinterest pin comes with a link, so it was SO easy for me to get direct access to the websites I saved without the hassle of looking for the link across the internet!


And soon after starting my account, my competitive personality became addicted to growth strategy with my followers and creating income.


 I've always been obsessed with working smarter, and not harder.

I love figuring out how to use algorithms & the search engine in my favor, 

I love seeing what my followers love and analyzing what makes Pinterest pins go viral.


And about a couple months into my newfound strategy,

I was beginning to realize that my profile started garnering die hard fans.

resulting in almost ALL of my pins to go viral.


My pins were starting to be seen on the first page of Google (and still are to this day),

& were also getting reposted by famous bloggers and celebrities. #wtf?!




I didn't have many followers.

Maybe a couple hundred? But I was getting noticed anyways, because my followers were searching for the solution to their problem on the Pinterest search engine, which led them to my pins that held the answer. They were looking for the value in my content, not for me.


Absolutely no one knew who I was. 

No one knew my face or my name. Like I said, I was just your regular ole broke college student. But, they knew my pins because they were searching for it. They weren't judging me for who I was, what I looked like, or what I possessed, rather for the value I brought to their lives.


And since Pinterest is a search engine,

I realized you don't have to have a large following in order to make an impact.


You could literally have ZERO followers and still get people to notice your pins ..


Because people are searching for the answer to their problem, not for you. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media website.


 That was the exact moment I had an epiphany. 

What if I could make money using Pinterest?

I was broke. I had no time. But I was obsessed with wondering where I could take this, and if it was even a possibility. I knew the recipe to make pins go viral, which took very little time to do. If other people can make money online, why can't I?


What if I could grow my online influence using Pinterest?

What if I could become a somebody I only once dreamed of becoming? I could direct my pins to my other social media websites instead of promoting other businesses!


What if, instead of sending people to other websites with my viral Pinterest pins, I could send them to my own website or my other social media profiles?

Then, I could grow my OWN business, my own email list, my own social platforms, and sell my own products and services!


I was ready to do something with my viral pins.
I wanted to become a leader, and I had the perfect recipe to be seen online to become just that.
And I was more than motivated to find the way.


It was then that I declared ..

I want to make money using Pinterest,

and I want to post for profits.



So, I got to work.

I implemented my own strategies.

I took YEARS find out what works, and what doesn't,

I took YEARS obsessing over trial & error,

and experimented with different ideas.

And what was the result?


I discovered a commission based marketing system, called affiliate marketing, to add to my Pinterest pins that started to add passive income effortlessly into my life, without owning products or a website.

The first time I tried using an affiliate pinned link, I set up ONE pin and went to sleep, thinking nothing would happen. I woke up to see that I made 50 cents! I was literally jumping up and down and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Not only was it the first time I made money online, I literally went to sleep while I made it.  It was that moment I knew I was onto something big ..


But that something ended up being more than I ever could have dreamed ..


After a year of combining my viral pin system with my affiliate marketing strategy, I was making five figures a month passively and hands free, just by pinning other peoples products onto Pinterest. I was getting paid by referring my viral pin traffic to another businesses website. And this worked ONLY because of my viral pin strategy!


(Yup, I'm making 5 figures a month pinning to Pinterest a couple times a day, hands free. #WTF.)


I decided I also wanted to grow my email list, traffic to my new website, and my overall social media influence.


Pinterest doesn't discriminate on where you want to send traffic to, so you can really build whatever you'd like through the search engine! 


So I decided to use my Pinterest system to direct my pins to places I OWN on the internet, so I could grow my Instagram and Facebook Group following with targeted ideal clients. I also wanted to pin my own products and services when I decided to make them a couple years later to get stress free targeted leads on autopilot, hands free, and while I sleep.


This was the moment I realized Pinterest works for anyone,

in any type of industry,

with or without products or a website,

looking for targeted traffic & overall growth in social media influence, impact, and income.


And because your ideal clients are 24/7 SEARCHING for the solution to their problem on the Google and Pinterest search engine, you can literally have ZERO followers, and this would all still happen for you, but only if you follow and implement my Pinterest system on a consistent basis.


Using my 'Post to Profit™' Pinterest System

for less than 30 minutes a day

has given me the TIME and INDEPENDENCE to:


1. Be my own boss, and skip the 9-5 lifestyle, and add a stream of passive income that fully supports my lifestyle alone.
2. Have unlimited "paid time off", giving me the independence to become a true digital nomad, to never say "no" to time to be with my family.
3. Have the opportunity to make money when I'm not even near my phone or laptop, like when I'm relaxing in a rooftop whirlpool overlooking South Beach, Miami (pictured below).
4. Grow my social media influence passively, even without having internet service, like how I did while I was celebrating New Years on a private cruise in the South Pacific through the Cook Islands (pictured below)


My life, my freedom, and my business 

intertwine effortlessly ..

My Pinterest system has given me the extra funds, the extra time, and the unlimited freedom to live my life like a true CEO - living it like I damn well please.

And now it is my duty to teach you my Post to Profit Pinterest System so YOU can learn how to build a passive marketing strategy that adds influence, impact, and income into your life, all on autopilot, that will facilitate building your dream business, without the struggle, and with so much ease. 

I am here to guide you step by step, A to Z, through my 'Post to Profit' Pinterest system, giving you my exact strategies so you can begin to have a life like this for yourself,

because you deserve this just as much as I do ..

If I can have the freedom to live like this while building my million dollar online empire,


Meet Kealy

Kealy said that she saw almost "immediate results" while implementing the strategies she learned in the Post to Profit™ Pinterest System. She is seeing far more traffic and monetary results in her business from applying the strategies in this course with Pinterest compared to the years she's spent wondering if she's even speaking to her ideal client on Instagram and Facebook. She loves the fact that every time she posts, she's speaking to the people that need her the most, and not to the robots that leave irrelevant comments on her Instagram page.


Kealy was just like you. But she took a chance on this course, and is now living in the results she only once dreamed of. Don't allow yourself to live in another day of struggle, frustration, and confusion.
You can get started on your success journey today..
all you have to do is give yourself permission to succeed.


So, what's included inside the 'Post to Profit™' Pinterest System?

I'm so glad you asked!

Let me show you what's inside ..


This course will walk you through the complete foundations, start to finish, of building a successful Pinterest profile. This course will also show you step by step how to set up successful and viral Pinterest marketing funnels that will allow you to grow your influence, impact, and income, on autopilot, with so much ease.

This Pinterest course contains eight years worth of influencer knowledge and expertise, making it the best and most logical packaged product you can obtain for Pinterest education. Kylie Francis, a macro Pinterest influencer and social media marketing strategist, guides you hand in hand in understanding expert level strategies and insider influencer secrets to ensure you are always given the best information to lead you on the path to success.

Each module is split up into 3-5 bite sized, dummy proof, 15 minute lessons, that consist of at LEAST: one voice guided powerpoint lesson, one voice guided screen casted Pinterest lesson (so you can see what I am talking about and HOW to do everything), along with action steps & homework assignments so you are kept accountable on your Pinterest journey.

I've been told by my students that my lessons are like watching your favorite Netflix show, you just can't stop watching and you can't wait to see what's coming next!

This course is for you if you are looking to grow a successful passive marketing strategy with Pinterest that will lead to overall growth in influence, impact, and income. Everything you need to know, and MORE, from A to Z, from start to finish, is inside this course. You have more than enough information to be successful with Pinterest after completing this course. No matter what your Pinterest level of expertise is, OR the amount of following you have, you can bet you'll learn something new, and find the steps it takes to start, nurture, grow, and succeed on the Pinterest search engine.


The 'Post to Profit™' Pinterest System

(VALUE: $6997) 



Learn the basics of Pinterest and how it differs from Instagram and Facebook so you can get in the mindset of using the RIGHT strategies, and start on the right foot. You'll learn the overall strategy and flow of a Pinterest funnel, and how to target the people that need you the most, so that you can grow your influence and sell online with so much ease. 




Pinterest is a long term strategy, so its important to get into that mindset. I will take you through and teach you how my social media keys to succeeding online, Vulnerability, Visibility, and Value™ will get you the most success not just on Pinterest, but on any social media network. I also go over extensively how to find your niche so you understand who you are speaking to so you can attract your ideal clients with ease. 

This module is incredible because the teachings inside are universal, so you can use what you learn inside this module for any social media network and to niche down for your own online business!

Students inside this course had been struggling for YEARS to find their niche, and after this module, they've come to absolute clarification on who've they've finally wanted to serve!




SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Sound scary? No worries, my friend. I couldn't break it down any easier for you to understand SEO and how it works on Pinterest. SEO is the lifeblood of a Pinterest pin, and this module is the lifeblood of this course! I'll teach you how the Pinterest search works, Pinterest SEO for dummies, and how to find keywords that will always work for your business, so anyone who searches for your content will see your results months and years after you've pinned the content! You'll be able to sleep in peace knowing Pinterest is working it's magic 24/7, even when you're not present on the platform, because you have a rock solid SEO strategy thats guaranteed to get your pins seen and up your chances of going viral!




So, since we are using Pinterest strategically, we can't just follow boards with the biggest engagement rings and fanciest cupcake recipes. I'll teach you the best strategy on how to find people in your niche who are worth following so you can nurture core relationships. I will go over best strategies for how many times to pin and when, and I also teach you easy ways on how to find and follow the best group boards so your pins get massive repin numbers!




This module is one of my favorites, because its all about getting VISIBLE! You'll learn the 7 key traits of a viral pin so you can spot and create viral worthy pins. I also created a Pinterest Canva tutorial voice guided screencast to show you how you can create your own viral pins within minutes and with so much ease.




It's time to put all of what you learned  to the test! I will show you traits of winning funnels on Pinterest and give you guidance on the different types of funnels that make sense for the goals you have for growing your business, your income, your social following, or for your email list!



(VALUE: $1997) 


This is the ONLY Pinterest course that covers affiliate marketing.

I can 10000% guarantee that no one that teaches a Pinterest course even knows about this or is doing it at the level that I have reached. Are you beyond ready to add an extra stream of income to your bank account funds? Want to make money while you sleep from your Pinterest pins from selling other peoples products? Then you'll LOVE learning how to do so from this module! I've gathered my favorite affiliate marketing websites* that will easily intertwine to work for your niche, brand, and business so you can set up pins that convert to profit, without having to own any of these products or host your own website. (no need to research, I've already done the hard work for you ..)

This module should honestly be a course by itself, and I kinda think I'm crazy for including this here as a bonus, but I wanted this course to be the BEST all in one Pinterest course on the world wide web. And I knew that if I included this module, the one that quite frankly has changed my life, I knew that this course would easily become the best, just by including this life changing module as a bonus!

*Some affiliate marketing companies require social proof in order to be accepted to use their platform. Some of these companies also have a waitlist. In this module I provide an array of quality A list options that do not require any social proof, but I cannot guarantee that you will be accepted into any of the these affiliate marketing platforms, simply because that is 100% out of my control. If you take your time to build a rock solid Pinterest profile like I teach how to in this course, you will definitely increase your chances to be accepted to work with these companies over time.



(VALUE: $997)


Since you are learning from a Pinterest influencer to 100,000+ followers, it would only make sense to have a bonus module all about how to become an influencer on Pinterest and how to find influencers on Pinterest for your business! This module covers best practices on how to become a Pinterest influencer, how to negotiate offers and contracts, and how much you should charge per pin. I also feature my case studies on exactly how I negotiated my contracts to make $1,000 (twice!) by only pinning 5 pins! This is the ONLY Pinterest course on the internet that covers influencer marketing (becoming one and/or using them) by a macro Pinterest influencer, so you're really in for some juicy bonuses!



(VALUE: $597)


Getting leads for your MLM without cold messaging only sounds like a dream, right? Well, not anymore ;) Learn the basics of growing* your MLM through Pinterest search engine funnels so your leads come to you with ease, with ever sending a cold message again. Your dream downline is attracted to you, #finally, and your business starts to see traction, stat!

*Note: All MLM companies have different rules. This module is a basic guideline for any MLM that teaches you marketing funnels in order to grow your MLM passively by providing valuable information through the search engine. I do not guarantee these funnels will grow your MLM downline or business since lead follow up is 100% your job, but I do give you an amazing lead magnet and strategy to follow that will guarantee interested leads, coming to you on autopilot, without cold messaging or sleazy sales tactics!



(VALUE: $597)


Have a social media network you've been dying to grow with targeted followers that STAY? Think, networks like: Instagram, your podcast, your YouTube subscribers, your private Facebook group? Well, you're in luck. 
I am going to show you how to have passive targeted growth in your following on social media, with followers that fall in love with your content, and STAY. No more follow/unfollow robots that don't give you any business .. you're getting real engagement that converts to profit, and lasts!



(VALUE: $597)


Think you can't grow on a search engine because you have a brick and mortar, location based business (possibly with no website, either)? Think again. You're actually missing a ton of business from referrals or travelers! I'll show you how to set up your account so you grow your brand recognition and brand loyalty on a search engine to increase top of mind brand awareness, so you become the first thing people think of when they come across your niche online. People might even travel to see you after implementing what I teach in this module, too ;)



(VALUE: $997)


This is YOUR unlimited access hub where you can ask all of your peers for feedback, support, tips, and guidance throughout taking this course! This is also where you will post all of your homework assignments, so you are always kept accountable, and can ask for constructive feedback.


The 'Post to Profit™' Pinterest system was created for the entrepreneurs, budding influencers, and business owners who want a step-by-step roadmap that shows exactly how to add Pinterest as a passive marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to their websites or social channels in order to convert page views into passive profits.

What would it look like for you to focus on RESULTS, rather than the pesky algorithm, so you can stand out online and see big time results organically, all while automating a passive marketing system that will work for you?

The total value of the course
[with all of it's insane bonuses]
is $6,997.

And due to such successful results from my students so quickly, I'm pretty sure I'm going to raise the price at any given moment), but ..

You can get started TODAY with these two easy payment options!




VALUED AT $6,997





VALUED AT $6,997


"I went from 0 to 700,000 monthly views and its been less than 2 months! Kylie's course is amazing!!"

Erin McPherson

"I love when I look at my Pinterest and my jaw drops! It's happened like so many times!"

Kealy McLain

"I've been gone for the weekend and have slacked on pinning the past few days, but came back tonight to see my monthly views jump from 59K to 107K over the weekend! 10/10 would recommend Kylie Francis to anyone. So grateful for you!"

Lynn Hulver

"First of all, I just wanted to say, I LOVE and super APPRECIATE all that Kylie does to be involved and ENCOURAGE. It is so uplifting to me to experience that - and it's unique too!!!!"

Lydia Wallie

.. PSST ..

You're tired of wasting so much time trying to grow on Instagram & Facebook and not seeing any results in return. Real talk, because of the algorithm, you can barely make a sale unless you're blue in the face on Instagram stories (that most people tap to skip over anyways), which is you exchanging your precious time, effort, and energy for pulling your hair out wondering if anyone is even listening or hearing what you have to say. You're beyond ready to try something new and follow a process that's proven many times over (by Kylie AND her students) to be successful.

You're ready to have a consistent stream of targeted, ideal clients who are very interested in buying your products, what you have to say, and cannot wait to come back for more. You are so ready to build a following instead of just waiting for the next random follower. You are ready to be seen and referred to as the go-to industry leader and expert. You're done with wondering if people actually see your posts online, and you're excited to follow a proven strategy to have your posts be seen by your targeted audience online.

You're ready to get targeted traffic sent to your website, products, and services, so you can start building your dream life by selling your passions.. Pinterest is a search engine, so your content is now searchable and seen on Pinterest and Google. When your clients search for the solution to their problem, YOU will be the one showing up as the answer. Having your valuable content and offers appear in the search on the #1 and #3 ranked search engines of the world? Yeah, that's what I like to call a win win all around.

You're ready to grow your email list, business, impact, influence and income passively, in turn making more room for you to focus on building your business, and free up time in your life. Your income and growth will come to you so effortlessly that it feels too good to be true. And all of this happens while you're traveling around the world, spending more time with your kids, laughing with your family and friends, or while you fast asleep dreaming of possibilities of your newly found time and dream life.


You're obsessed with fake robot vanity metrics, instant gratification, and you're emotionally attached to how many followers you (don't) have on Instagram, even though your bank account shows otherwise. You know deep down that this strategy like walking up an escalator thats going down, and is not leading to any growth in your influence, impact, or income, online ..

You're not interested in a passive marketing strategy that is guaranteed to get you targeted traffic organically, because you'd rather spend thousands "paying to play" with advertising, or spend every waking moment updating your Instagram story with a picture of a Starbucks cup like it'll attract your next paying ideal client. You like not seeing results with your efforts online, just because what you're doing is seen as the "popular" thing to do ..

You love influencing only ONE platform because some person on the internet told you to not "stress yourself out", and to only focus on one platform at a time, because that's all that you need to do (#wrong, they are just lazy). You love to put all of your eggs into one basket, not realizing that ONE platform could be gone forever by tomorrow, which means your business would be as well ..

You love to spend hourssss curating just ONE post that takes longer to create than for how long it lasts in the algorithm that only your mom and a couple of robots end up liking and commenting on, which leads to zero clicks on your products and services and no one knowing who you are ..

You're looking for a "get rich quick" scheme. This is not one, sorry! You cannot expect to set up one Pinterest pin that leads to a checkout page to a $25,000 mastermind and think you'll be swimmin' in the Benjamins. That's not how marketing (on ANY platform) works, and if that were to be the case, I'd be a billionaire by now .. #LOL

You're looking for an easy way out or looking to cheat the system. Robots do not exist on Pinterest. The work you put in, is the work you get out. You cannot buy followers or repins on Pinterest. I do not teach how to set up automation software on your Pinterest pins. Why? Because you are not a robot, it doesn't help you grow, and it doesn't help you go viral. Any course that teaches you how to do this is coming from a lazy instructor who doesn't know how to organically grow online and is only showing you how to do it so they can get affiliate commission off of your sign ups. #RealTalk. Kylie has 100,000 followers and counting on Pinterest, so you can guarantee you are learning expert level strategies, and not scam artist regurgitated tactics.

You hate being consistent and putting in the work, because you are lazy and love being stuck in your business. You would rather continue to complain about the algorithm rather than change your life by using a platform that rewards you for the value you provide, not for how much you can pay in advertising to stand out ..

Ok, real talk, my friend.
You've scrolled this far.
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Choice 1:
Is you could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own ..
(which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).
 .. OR ..
 Choice 2: 
You could steal my expert level strategies (that I took the time to test and tweak over the last 8 years to be proven successful) and get massive results in your life and business in just a matter of weeks.

Think about where you want to be six months from now ..

or even ONE month from now.


Do you have a proven plan to get there?

You can use the step-by-step process I teach inside my 'Post to Profit' Pinterest System to help you achieve your targeted traffic, passive income, and audience-building goals faster than you thought was even possible ..

We're doing it .. will you?




VALUED AT $6,997





VALUED AT $6,997


Frequently Asked Questions!

How is the course run?  
  • This course is self paced. It features over 10 hours of easily digestible video powerpoint & Pinterest screen casted content. This course features action steps, homework assignments, and a SUPER supportive private Facebook group to make sure no question of yours is left behind. Kylie goes live in the group once a month to discuss Pinterest updates along with Q&A. We are ALWAYS HERE for you and your continued success. You will receive lifetime access for this course when purchased, including updates when the course is live on my website.
I’m a _____ doing _____ , will this course work for me?
  • YES. If Google works for your business, then Pinterest works for your business. This course works for everyone because you are setting up passive marketing funnels on a search engine (Pinterest is a search engine) that will drive targeted traffic to any www. (website) of your choosing. ANY person or business, (online or location based) who is looking for overall growth in influence, impact, and income can and will benefit from taking this course.
I want to take this course but I want to complete it on my own time and schedule. Is this possible?
  • YES! This course is self paced and you can start and complete whenever you'd like. You can purchase today and start a year later if you'd like!  It will always be available for you to complete and re-take.
I don't have a Pinterest account yet, and I am a total newbie. Will this still work for me?
  • YES. It might be to your benefit that you do not have an account yet, because in this course I will guide you through all the steps to correctly set up an account for success, and make it easy for you to learn and understand. You also do not need to have a business to learn and implement these concepts, because you can use Pinterest to grow your own social media following!
I don't have any followers on Pinterest. Does that matter, and will I still see results?
  • Pinterest is a search engine, so the amount of followers you have is irrelevant, and it's more important to implement and follow the Pinterest system over obsessing about how many followers you have. Remember, this is a search engine, not a social media website.
I don't have a website, blog, or any product to sell. Do I need to have my own website, my own blog, or my own products in order to make money with this course?
  • NO, because I teach you how to use affiliate marketing to make money with Pinterest. But the more you have to work with, the more results you will see.  Results will be more lucrative if you are selling your own product. I also cannot guarantee that you will be accepted into third party affiliate marketing websites, since that is 100% out of my control. Also, if you have any other social media platform, like Instagram, YouTube, a podcast, or Facebook group, you do have a website :)
When can I expect results?  
  • Since Pinterest is a search engine, it is required for you to consistently post everyday and put in the work to see results. Results will vary and usually take 2-4 weeks for your profile to be actively seen in the search engine results, but your results will last indefinitely after pinning. Students taking this course have seen 1 MILLION unique monthly viewers after just implementing my Pinterest system for 2 months. The more work you put in, the more you will get out, just like anything else in life. 
Can you guarantee that I will see results? 
  • Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, I cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor am I responsible for your success or failure. This course also teaches affiliate marketing and I cannot guarantee that you will be accepted into the programs that I have used or that have worked for me, because I cannot accept you into those programs and that is out of my control. 'Post to Profit' is not a “get rich quick" scheme. It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. I believe that I provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results.
What is your refund policy?  
  • This course is non-refundable, due to this course being a digital product and due to the results my students have seen with this course. I know for a fact that if you do what I guide you through during this course, you will achieve positive results.
Do you have payment plans available?
  • Of course! I made this course value packed and super affordable with easy payment plans so you're not stressing about payment, and you're focusing on creating posts that turn to growth or profit for your personal brand or business.
How is Pinterest more lucrative for organic and consistent business growth than investing time in Instagram or Facebook?
  • Because each and every time you post on Pinterest, it allows you to create a link back to your products or services. When you post on Instagram or Facebook, you're essentially just keeping your profile alive and begging people to click your links. No one has time to be sleazy or salesy. Pinterest alleviates that tension for you.
I HATE posting selfies, and I'm horrible and taking my own photos. Will Pinterest still work for me?
  • YES! Pinterest was honestly made for you and for other introverts alike! With Pinterest, we want to refrain from posting duck face selfies in order to go viral. Pinterest is the EXACT opposite of Instagram in the way that it works, as Pinterest focuses on the value you provide, not how much you can show off or talk about yourself!
I have a different type of business than you do, Kylie. Are you going to teach us your exact branding & marketing strategy, or a strategy that will work for me and my business?
  • I AM NOT TEACHING YOU TO COPY MY EXACT BRANDING AND STRATEGY. What I will guide you through is how to create a lucrative account that will be successful for your OWN brand and business. I am a social media marketing consultant, it's my duty to show you how this works FOR YOU, not for me. Because how and what my brand is, is completely irrelevant to your brand and business and finding your ideal clients and getting your posts to profit.
How much time do I need to invest for Pinterest to work?
  • Once these strategies and work flows become habit, 30 minutes a day, every single day, pinky swear. But this answer is dependent on how fast you can learn and implement strategies. What I can promise you is the time you invest in this course and platform will have a guaranteed higher ROI then posting selfies on Instagram or talking to your dads best friends on Facebook lives. Again, pinky swear.
How many followers do you have on Pinterest, Kylie?
How many people can access the course under my account?
  • Only one person may access the course per email address. If you are found giving others access to the course with your username, you will be revoked access with no refund. No questions asked.
Help! I still have questions.  
  • Email [email protected] and we'll answer any Q's you have! Please note Kylie is on EST time zone and will respond to all inquiries ASAP!


Kylie Francis is a social media marketing consultant, global social media marketing educational speaker, macro influencer to 145,000 & counting, and an 8th year digital marketing entrepreneur. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs, just like you, start, grow, and scale a profitable online influence by teaching you her logical, tried and true social media marketing strategies. Her strategies have been featured in Forbes, Gusto, DigiMarCon, MoneyTalk 1010, LinkedIn, Thrive Global, LeadsCon, Influencing Entrepreneur (and so much more), and are many times over to be proven successful for anyone looking to build a profitable legacy online.

Kylie's undying passion to serve others shows through her spirit, as she lights up in showing and guiding inspiring influencers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs how to authentically present themselves, how to stand out, and how to share their value online. Her goal is not to show you how to gain "just another follower." She's here to show you how to build a lucrative and authentic legacy using social media strategically, so you have automated traffic to your website with ideal clients begging to work with you, which in turn starts creating streams of automated passive income, so you can live like a true CEO: living your dream life on your own terms.

She's one of the rare ones that practices exactly what she preaches while being an example to living in her own results.

When she's not consulting multi-million dollar corporations or speaking about social media marketing strategies at the world's largest marketing conferences, She's accomplishing her life goal of handstanding her way around the world, all because she took a chance on the power of Pinterest.

"The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now .."

Hey friend, you've made your ways allll the way to the bottom of this page.

And you know deep down,
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need to come to a massive halt, right now.

Remember: Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

If you don't make a change TODAY,
nothing is going to change in your life or in your business.

So, if you have been dying to grow your online tribe with ease, increase traffic to your website hands free, and finally be seen as the go-to online expert in your niche so you can sell out your offers and services, then the 'Post to Profit™' Pinterest System is the ONLY expert led step-by-step system you need to make it happen, fast.


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